Monday, August 20, 2007

To Garth and Yvonne, wherever they may be

We suspect that it didn’t end well. That she
came from a long line of short lives that ended
badly. That he was prone to missteps and bad
ideas. Like champagne flutes with embossed
name plates. That they celebrated in white veil
and gray tuxedo, toasted their good fortune by
tapping pewter and glass against pewter and
glass. We suspect that things didn’t go as planned.
How else can we explain these flutes abandoned
then purchased at a Goodwill for 25¢ each? They
weren’t among the divided goods. That they didn’t
rate as high as the pool table or dvd player. But
we suspect that things will be different this time
around. That we’ll give Garth and Yvonne a good
home. That we’ll toast our good fortune with more
than pewter and glass and veils.


Blogger John said...

I raise a glass to Garth and Yvonne. Prost.

11:21 PM  
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