Thursday, January 26, 2006

A student of Ars Memorativa speaks out

The distance from sun to earth, the definition
of vertex vs. apex, or acme, for

that matter, what Hobbes meant, whether
or not a bumble bee should fly because I’ve

heard conflicting reports,           I will never

remember my lock combination (having
resorted to numbers written along the side of

my running shoe) or a phone number when
using a rotary dial, that I’ve

learned this lesson before, already tended
these wounds,                               I will never

remember how to tie the perfect slip knot,
names of goalies or baseball stats or identify

a down, even though I’ve heard the football vs.
chess analogy any number of times, and then

there was something about Erik Satie and
vegetables that’s on the tip of my tongue, a

predilection, or an aversion, that I’ve lost
walking through this house, room
by room,                                           I will never

remember that I’ve heard all your words
before, this moment                      I will never.


Anonymous Arturo Bandini said...

Wow!! I love the "I will never"s! Stylishly constructed. And of course you are the Queen of Lists.And the Erik Satie line is brilliant.

8:38 AM  
Blogger bob wiseman said...

really amazing. i was looking for your email to respond to your delarue comment, and make you aware that perhaps i might be a composer for your film since i like making that kind of music, but hat aside really amazing work in this blog of yours.

2:20 PM  
Blogger bob wiseman said...

did i really say hat aside?

2:21 PM  

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