Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yet another list poem

I will write you a poem about swimming
trunks [black, well fitted], something to wear
at the seaside while I relax beneath a parasol.

I will dedicate every book to Stone & Starky,
or we will name our dogs [2 dachshunds, long
hair] Stone & Starky, or our children.

You will send handwritten letters by mail [bona
fide] about nothing acute or even remarkable,
apart from the details you worry you’ll forget.

We will write lists [poems & otherwise] [best laid
plans] [nicknames] [magic tricks] [disappoint
ments] [hiding places] [titles for porn star
biographies] [places we’ve never been] [words
we’ve never used before] pass them to each other
on folded pieces of paper, corners smoothed down.

You will take me dancing, whisper always
with the blue shoes
[echo] like we were an old
married couple on our Friday night date.


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