Saturday, March 04, 2006

Prayers to the B.V.M.

I want : smooth skin and soft curves. I want : someone
to sit in the car while I double park. I want : to travel

by train in a private compartment with windows that open
from the top and when we pull the pane down he says, I can
smell the buds on the trees
, as we rush past. I want : a

mustachioed man to tickle behind my ear. I want : a brass band
for those occasions when nothing else will do. I want : was a band

in the late 80s that I never saw but hope that lead singer Brian
Hiltz is doing well. I want : seems so selfish but if I can’t ask you
than who? Assuming you can keep a secret, of course. I want : to ride

on the handlebars. I want : to be mistaken for someone glamorous,
or mysterious, captivating or maybe just someone with good bangs.

I want : someone who will kiss me in alley ways, who will kiss me
in all ways. I want : this too. I want : a second chance.


Anonymous Arturo Bandini said...

Somehow very sad and very hopeful at the same time. These are my favourite ones, part list, part wish.
I especially like the train stanza, and the fact that you used the word mustachioed.

4:15 PM  

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