Tuesday, May 16, 2006

When the future they promised us finally arrives

For F.

Yes, we will have the luxury of private bi-planes,
private landing strips on top of skyscrapers, jet
packs, white furniture with clean simple lines, egg-
shaped chairs and square glasses with green, pink
or blue liquid, but wait, there’s more!

Cupcakes will be a food group and candy will arrive
through shoots (no more corner stores for us!), form-
fitting pantsuits, sear sucker for comfort and style,
that will only reveal what we want to reveal, what we
want to reveal is concealed, and then!

Men will find it sexy when we discuss the double
helix, or the now infamous bingo on BEZIQUE, when
we have the choice, we remain old fashioned, forgo
gadgets for books, fold-out maps, stitched spines and
cloth covers, ever future past perfect.


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